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A Good Architect can bring value to a multitude of scenarios. Our secret, which is not a surprise to most of our Clients, WE CARE. At some point in your life, you may have heard or even said the ‘we want something great, but economical’ in some shape or form. An Architect’s role can assist in generating revenue and/or other forms of return with Clients when needs arise that is of proven value that more than just good design.

Numerous healthcare buildings over the last 20+ years, have transitioned licenses with our assistance and expertise. Accounting for millions of dollars of increased revenue, per facility, depending on patient census. To date, with the CMS guidelines, we are continuing to assist facilities in planning for and upgrades to meet the current guidelines for hospital licensure. Along with that, review and solutions for any Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ), such as JACHO, HFAP and other’s findings. Our code review and planning have given us the leverage required when helping Owners achieve success.

Making a Difference

We are excited to announce, during 2018, HHAE partnered with a local Foster Home as part of our charitable endeavors along with extending our reach of expertise. This wonderful place of care focuses on remarkable work 24 hours per day, “Addicted to drugs. Violently shaken. Fractured skulls. Third-degree burns. Broken hips and bones. There’s a tragic story of abuse, illness, and poverty that comes with each child. For the last 25 years, …loved over 200 babies and toddlers back to health.” Through our experience, research, and persistence, we were able to upgrade their facility license from a Foster Home to a Group Home in the State of Indiana. For the type of facility and license, this had NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, press release in February 2019. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment and the entire Team effort.

What does our research / results mean and how does it contribute to our field of work…? Owner’s are able to upgrade facility infrastructure, equipment, service lines, increase professional staffing for care and much much more! Sometimes, it is not just the built environment that contributes to an experience, it can be providing an alternative design tool that endows powerful and lasting results. In these cases, building type, guidelines and licensure, makes all the difference in the world; which is one of the many reasons why we care and are passionate about our profession.

By the Numbers

The now recognized Group Home:

“…we will be able to increase by over 60% the number of children in residents we serve each day.”

“When we operated as a foster home, the state stipends and endowment fund covered 40% of our cost…under our new license, our reimbursement formula we should be able to now cover 65% of our cost.” That is with the increase in children able to be served!

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