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"Why you need a 'GOOD' Architect in your Life"

We play a very important role in our built environment, contributing to health, power, and pleasure as stated by John Ruskin, and becoming all too commonly used, the title Architect exists and is pasted on many a different job, areas of work and people. Our own design profession even struggles with it. We will try to bring a better understanding and Value to the term and our profession by guiding the readers across a broad spectrum of topics, beneficial uses and daily struggles that a GOOD Architect comes in handy...which is everything of course. Sprinkling in our work, notably press releases, and services along the way. We hope you enjoy, and at the very least, the content stirs the mind for compelling thoughts...

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Hearing catch phrases like ROI or Life Cycle has limited use if the design and building management opportunities do not coincide. Design costs are ~2% of the 30 year cost of a building, 2016, Whole Building Design Guide. Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA). Facility management assets and maintenance are typically the 2nd highest cost to a building, behind staff. The ability for Owners to capitalize on building data is here now and accessible, if you look in the right locations and ask the right questions. Over the past few years, we have had the privilege to speak at national conventions regarding technology and BIM utilization in the industry for better results. Our firm is driven to address these issues on the front end with Clients. BIM utilization can be addressed before, during or after a project; what we are saying is, it can be done during routine maintenance and does not have to coexist with a building project.

It is a tough sale though, as the new car smell of the catch-phrase ‘we use BIM…’ has worn off on the industry and can be quite a big bite to...


In todays world of Design, being engaged is just as important as style. Setting the “standard for Hybrid Operating Room Suites that will be used for future Projects” was a big accomplishment for the Project and users. Implementing the first Hybrid Operating Room at a Hospital for optimal functionality for current Doctors / Staff and to recruit future Doctors / Staff takes full engagement between the entire Project Team. Surgery and Imaging can be some of the most challenging spaces to contend with, especially in existing conditions. A Hybrid Operating Suite includes both of these functions, allowing Surgeons to perform procedures in a more collaborative setting, efficiently less invasive, setting the patient up for better results and quicker recovery times.

Wholistic approach.

Several areas can set up a Team for failure; isocenter positioning, clearances for all equipment movement, air, vision, infection control, structure, accounting for users across multiple scenarios among naming a few…and trust us, there are a lot of other pitfalls that need to be accounted...

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