Graduate / Associate Architect

Hutton & Hutton Architects & Engineers (HHAE) is currently seeking qualified persons with 2+ years of experience in the Architectural field (preferably in the healthcare/educational industry) to join our team and would be responsible for the direction and implementation of BIM applications/modeling for Projects and have the ability to produce Architectural Drawings. The candidate needs to be versatile and may have the responsibility of producing and coordinating BIM for each Project, renderings, setting up standards, drafting details, specifications, working with consultants, etc. and will work closely with and take direction on company strategies and Project Drawings from Project Architects. The candidate would need to apply, exhibit, and seek out the use of diverse Architectural principles, good practices. Opportunity to grow with the company.


1. Assisting in the development of Project Drawings.

2. Working collaboratively in the development and implementation of the BIM process and production.

3. Take direction from and work with Project Architects, coordinate with consultants, specification coordination, and assist in value engineering/early detection conflicts.

4. Creating renderings and other skills would be a plus.

5. Communicate with staff the benefits on BIM on a Project to Project basis to continually increase the efficiency and production for Clients, the ability to recognize efficiencies.

6. Maintain standards, templates, etc.

7. Conformance and basic knowledge of applicable codes/regulations.


1. Excellent Verbal and Written Communication Skills and works well in a team environment.

2. Accurate drawing skills and understanding Architectural/Construction details.

3. 2+ years experience in the Architectural Field with a Higher Education Degree (B. Arch)

4. Recent Construction Document experience using BIM (Revit) would be expected.

5. Extremely proficient in BIM (Revit), ability to set up standards/templates/drawings/etc.

6. Other software experience a plus, photoshop, illustrator, etc.

2+ years

Higher Education Architectural / Design Degree

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